Have you ever asked yourself:

"How can I generate more new patients who wants: Teeth whitening, Invisalign, crowns/bridges, root canal treatment and those who haven't seen the dentist in many years - each month?"

If yes...

The you're in the RIGHT place!

Helping you - help more people

Clinic Media was born thanks to a very unlikely meeting, at one of the most unthinkable places on earth. Involving a dentist with a particular fondness for her patients, but who were lacking a bulletproof digital system to acquire more new patients on demand. 

We help dental directors who lacks dependable ways to generate more new patients - by 2-4x their new patient intake

Today, we help over 200 clinic directors all over the world to rapidly scale revenue by generating ​them
more new ideal patients, so they can resume full focus on what they do the best - while we automate and acquire new patients on autopilot to them month-over-month.

The story behind Clinic Media

It was a coincidental meeting halfway around the world to the Fiji Islands that sparked the idea for Clinic Media. On this trip, one of our founders Pierre met an intriguing woman who served as a clinic director with impeccable yet unpretentious style.

The woman had a particular fondness for her patients but couldn't seem to keep up with the digital competition of the industry and geographical area (by now, a beautiful website and a referrals system isn't enough for your practice to steadily grow, you need to actually drive high-relevant traffic, to meet that website consistently. And then, obvsioulsly ). Feeling her genuine desire for serving her patients, Pierre felt like he couldn't let it progress.

The following day Pierre helped her develop a digital strategy that laid the foundation for her soon to come success. Inspired by how efficiently he had linked her desire for serving her patients, with actual real world results, he got a epiphany of how he could serve other growth-minded clinic directors. 

And that was how Clinic Media was born.

Today Clinic Media is backed by a world class competent crew of  independent consultants abroad. All of us being fascinated and obsessed with helping you, help more people. Our founder Pierre remain very active, mostly by advising clinic directors how to profit wildly through creating excellent patient experience, increasing case acceptances and how to raise the practice intrinsic business value for a potential future sale. Else, the opportunity to move to new locations.

By extensive work with some of the fastest growing practices in Europe, Australia and the in US - Clinic Media has been in the trenches of how to create campaigns and conversion processes that gain massive ROI for their clients.



pierre profile picture

Pierre T. Bjorlin

Founder of Clinic Media

Pierre is an entrepreneur, speaker and digital growth specialist. He has been involved in sales and marketing all his life in a wide range of industries. Getting award-winning results for all of his projects and engagements. He focuses on creating irresistible offers and putting them in front of the right audience. 

He thinks the right kind of marketing isn’t about pushing your offer to people, rather it’s linking the solution people crave in front of them who are looking for it.

In addition to running a successful digital advertising agency, he is an investor and mentor who is passionate about helping people reach and exceed their personal and professional goals.

When he isn’t working, he is spending time with friends and family, ravenously reading, living by his favourite saying by Charlie Munger "Go to bed a little wiser than when you woke up", volunteering at different entrepreneurial speaking events and loves to get a great Jiu- Jitsu workout in.

Connect with Pierre here:

We'll help you generate


We'll analyze your practice, find the areas that need to be improved and develop a strategic plan to boost your revenue. Our digital marketing team will show you how much money we can make you conservatively, moderately and aggressively.


Our services pay for themselves, literally. We won’t jump on board unless we’re convinced that our services add value to your overall goals by providing a tangible ROI month after month. There’s no guessing involved. We’re a team of data driven professionals who are relentlessly committed to bring you at the top of Google and boosting your revenue.

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